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Message from the Editor!

2020-06-10 (Last Update: Wed, 10 Jun 2020) Dj Marshmallow 0 Uncategorized

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first edition of the newest but the coolest blog in the internet world – The Weekend Snap-Blog! The most diversified and logically-thought blog-gazine that will dominate the reading public in the online world.

As comprehensive as it is, the WSB covers a wide-range of subject matters that you can think of, spanning Philippine-wide and across the Filipino nation world-wide, highlighting best practices, positivity and other good news about being a Filipino at home country and another. We will be serving foods from farm to markets to tables; getting you information on health and wellness; dichotomizing mechanical and personal technology down to the so called internet of things; if you are into business, let’s try to learn to read ‘graphs’ of financial trends; appreciating arts and re-echoing distinct Filipino culture and exploring all other facets of existence that reshape the lives of human beings of contemporary times from all walks of life-from past to the possible future. And the best of all, we collate all of these human experiences and realities and sum it up with the message of the hope and transformation in the light of our faith.

Happy Weekend Snap-blogging!

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