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Is there such thing as perfect relationship?

2020-06-28 (Last Update: Sun, 28 Jun 2020) Dj Marshmallow 0 Uncategorized

Relationships are complicated, to say the least, and they require a certain level of maturity and patience in order to be successful. In this digital age, you have probably come across some kind of best dating website template in the world that paints relationships as a walk in the park. But, is there a perfect relationship? This is a question that you probably have asked yourself when you go through tough times. The short answer is – no, there are no perfect relationships. All of them come with the hurdles that you need to jump, potholes that you need to avoid as well as problems you need to solve. Here is why no relationship can be described as perfect.

  1. Both partners are coming from different backgrounds.
  2. You had a life before the relationship.
  3. We all need space sometimes.


If you are in a relationship, you definitely think of how you can make it stronger and long-lasting. This requires efforts from both of you in order for it to pull through successfully. There are many things that you can do for your relationship to work including:

  1. Exercise patience.
  2. Respect each other.
  3. Take time to talk stuff out.


Only two imperfect people willing to accept each others flaws and differences. You need to let go of the fantasy, you create space for perfect imperfection to grow. Your relationship - with its quirks , its differences amd its humanNess - FINALLY HAS SPACE TO BREATH AND BLOSSOM. When we drop expectations and take the pressure off, a natural organic process begins to occur. We start to experience LOVE - A DEEPER LOVE, A REAL LOVE, THE CHOICE TO LOVE. Love beyond all the judgment and finger pointing.. THIS IS HOW RELATIONSHIP WORKS ????????


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